The children who attended the EMIR support group in the spring of 2010 expressed a desire to have a peace movement. They felt that no one knows their pain, no one listens to them , as young people they have lost more friends and family to homicide than anyone. The children wanted to have a peace rally that they designed and facilitated. The National Day of Remembrence for Murder Victims is a national observance. They chose to have their rally on that day, September 25th. The children wrote a declaration of peace and designed and performed on the program. The block in front of the office was closed off to traffic. Volunteers from Youthbuild manned six tables that had petitions for the public to sign putting their names, age, and the names of love ones that they have lost to murder. the young people stated you will see that we have lost more people to homicide than older people.

 There was approximately 300 people in attendence. The program consisted of singing, praise dancing, poetry, Christian hip-hop and the testimony of a representative from families who have lost a loved one to homicide. The program concluded with prayer and a beautiful ballon release with the steeple of The Advocate of St. Stephens Methodist Church as a backdrop. This was the birth of the We Live Project, the goal of these young people is to grow Old. They just want to Live.
A Word About Our Partners
These are a list of partners that EMIR has partnered with in our journey to promote peace and save lives. EMIR believes in a holistic approach to relieve our community from this ongoing violence. We must work together there is no one answer.

Kathy Bonnanno—Musehouse a Literary Center developed by Kathy Bonnano out of the pain of losing her only daughter Leidy to homicide she gives life through literature.

Live & Let Live Campaign—A coalition of nine organizations who have decided to promote a message of peace & eradicate the culture of violence.

Healing Hurt People— A program to support and promote a healthy lifestyle for shooting victims. Healing  Hurt People is affiliated with Drexel University Nonviolence and Social Justice Department.