We Live Project

The We Live Project was developed out of our youth support groups. At one of our sessions they felt the need to do something. The young people stated that someone should be listening to us about pain and how to heal. They talked about what a young person needs to overcome pain. They decided to continue to meet to design their peace movement.

They kicked off their movement to their community on September 25, 2010, the National Day of Remembrance for Murdered Victims. The rally was designed, created and executed by young people with EMIR’s guidance. They created messages of peace and resiliency on poster, T-shirt and banners. They created a Declaration of Peace. There were several community agencies there to offer free services. They had faith partners there to offer support. This rally was attended by 300 young people whom had lost someone to murder. The young people have become Peace Ambassadors’, with their goal being “Get Old”.

The We Live Project’s purpose is to utilize the principles to heal self, families, and communities. Conflict Transformation is a process of constructive change that reduces violence, and increases justice, it responds to real life problems in human relationships. These practices promote healing of relationships.

Summer of 2011 the We Live Project held its Peace & Leadership Institute. This was a summer long project with youth sponsored by the Shoemaker Grant. The workshops for the youth utilize holistic principles. Wellness is a positive approach to living, resulting in the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

The workshops promote an atmosphere where participants can explore their own issues of wellness, self- care, self-esteem, emotional maturity, and lifestyle management. This can assist in enabling them to become better brothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and leaders in the community. They will become Peace Ambassadors’ and spread their messages throughout their communities.