Mural Arts

Thank you to the Mural Arts Program who has supported the vital work of E.M.I.R. from the very beginning. The Mending a Broken Heart mural is the artistic expression of unbearable pain and infinite hope. The partnership between EMIR and The Mural Arts Program is an example of the great work that is accomplished when collaboration is focused on service. The mural is displayed on the walls of our support rooms on the second floor of the Healing Center. The response has been positive and passionate.

The Mural Arts Program has also begun a Peace Garden behind the center.

Thank you again to The Mural Arts Program.

Mending a Broken Heart, 2010
City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
Artist – Nathaneil Lee
Assisted by – The Mural Restoration Crew at St. Gabriel’s Hall

Funded by The Connelly Foundation and The City of Philadelphia, Department of Human Services